Press Release –Emergency Preparedness - September 11, 2018

Due to the Hurricane Florence impacting the coast and possibly our city over the next week the City of Hinton along with the Hinton Police and Fire Departments and Summers County 911 have issued the following protocol and procedures in the event of flooding along the Greenbrier River.

The Emergency Access Road connecting Greenbrier Avenue and Terrace Street above Greenbrier Drive will be OPEN TO EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY. No through traffic of any kind will be allowed. Residents along Terrace Street are being advised to move their vehicles to avoid damage by wide emergency vehicles. PLEASE NOTE:

  • All SC ARH, Main Street Care, Summers Nursing and Rehab, and Southern WV Hospice nurses and staff will be allowed to travel the access road to and from work. An employee badge/ID and Driver’s License/State ID will be required before being allowed entry to the access road at the hospital entrance and the Cedar Avenue or Pine Street entrances.
  • Onlookers, delivery trucks, camper owners and residents trying to carry on normal day to day tasks will not be allowed entry to the access road. Please be mindful that EMS, fire and police must have access to this road at all times in the event of a serious emergency.
  • If you have a camp or camper along the Greenbrier River you are encouraged to move or prepare your campers now. You will not be allowed to pass along the access road if Greenbrier Drive is closed.
  • The Hinton Police Department will update the Facebook page with road closures and SC ARH will post updates on their Facebook page on clinic closures and announcements.
  • These protocols and procedures will be heavily enforced by the Hinton Police and Fire Departments.

PLEASE BE AWARE FLASH FLOODING IS POSSIBLE. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH STANDING WATER OR LEAVE YOUR HOME UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY ONCE FLOOD WATERS BEGIN TO RISE. ALL RESIDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PREPARE BY PURCHASING WATER, NON-PERISHABLE FOOD, FLASHLIGHTS AND ANY ESSENTIAL ITEMS YOU MAY NEED NOW. If you or a family member need medication refilled or oxygen tanks delivered please make arrangements to have them picked up or delivered before Friday night. We are expecting flooding to begin around 2am Friday September 14th after Hurricane Florence makes landfall.

MonPower and AEP do have crews on call but will be sent to the most needed areas first.  Please be aware residents may be without power for several hours or days.

The WVU Summers County Extension office and REACHH will be conducting an emergency preparedness training Wednesday, September 12th from 6pm – 8pm at the Summers County Memorial Building. All are encouraged to attend.  

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, as our citizens. We have made the decision to close the access road based on past experience causing emergency access vehicles to be unable to pass quickly in life or death emergencies.

If you have an emergency please call 911. If you have questions about road closures please call the non-emergency line at (304) 466-3333.

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